The benefits of switching from hand-wrapping to machine wrapping

ITT Jetpak on 22 December 2015

When considering swapping from hand-wrapping to using an automatic pallet wrapper, a major reason to make the change is to save time and enjoy greater efficiency.

It is true that machine wrapping does save time, typically being 50% quicker. If you are packing at least 10 pallets per day, it may be prudent to invest in a pallet wrapper to take advantage of this faster method.

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However, there are also a myriad of other hidden reasons why switching to a pallet wrapper machine may be the next step forward for your business.

Save Money On Film Costs

As a pallet wrapper machine allows for greater pre-stretch of the film before wrapping the pallet, it follows that less film is actually needed per load. This fact, coupled with the added advantage of the rolls being longer, means fewer roll changes, and a lower cost of film per metre. This naturally results in financial savings for you. Not only that, but film rolls will not be damaged due to being stored inappropriately, such as being left lying around on the ground between uses.

Hand Stretch Film main hero

Cut Down On Manual Labour

A pallet wrapper machine cuts down on manual labour by automating the wrapping process. Wrapping machines range from semi-automatic (ITT Jetpak’s EXP-308, EXP-108 or EXP-108W) to fully automatic (EXP-501 or EXP-501A). Fully automatic models can eliminate the need for an operator to initiate the pallet wrapping sequence for greater efficiency.

Ensure A More Professional Result

wrapped palletsEven the most diligent worker cannot wrap a pallet load as consistently or as neatly as a pallet wrapper machine. With machine-wrapping, you get a professional looking result, using the same technique every time. You cannot account for differences in how individual workers will wrap pallets, and how conscientious they are about protecting the goods on the pallet. By wrapping loads more securely and consistently, you are investing in the reputation of your business.

Minimise Employee Training Time

Due to staff turnover and the normal need for multiple operators in a business, you may find yourself constantly needing to train staff in how to hand-wrap pallets. However, a pallet wrapper machine requires little training. Therefore time is saved in machine wrapping through minimising the amount of staff training required.

Decrease Potential For Workplace Injury

Hand-wrapping a pallet load is a very physical task. It requires reaching up and to the sides around large loads, in ways that may have the potential to cause injury to the back, arms, neck and shoulders. By eliminating the physical labour associated with wrapping pallet loads, the frequency of OHS issues and work related injuries are also diminished.

Don’t just take our word for it. Test out a Pallet Wrapping Machine for Yourself!

At ITT Jetpak, we offer short term hire of pallet wrapping machines, so you can test one out for yourself. By measuring how many pallet loads you wrap per day with the machine, and comparing that number with how many you usually hand-wrap per day, you will see the difference in efficiency.

For more information on how to choose a pallet wrapping machine to suit your business needs, talk to one of our experts on 1800 815 531. Or view our range of new pallet wrapper machines here.